The Science

The Science

How does Nascate’s technology work?

We combine client and publicly available data with our proprietary AI and segmentation techniques to rapidly deliver the specific solutions you need to advance your value-based care.

Output & Delivery
Effective Results & Efficient Delivery

Your custom analytics and insights will enable you to pinpoint opportunities, develop strategies, and create a plan of actions – with a choice of delivery options to best meet your needs.


Nascate’s Person Profile paints a complete picture of each individual’s heath care life. It includes any tags and alerts that a person has in core Nascate models, social, clinical and treatment burden risk factors with specific details that can be addressed, and relationship details, including a utilization timeline illustrating the person’s engagement over time.


Reports are delivered rapidly and efficiently via either our web-based Nascate Aware App or through a secure electronic data transfer, depending on your preference.

Nascate Aware™ Application

Our secure application is cloud-based, allowing for low overhead and quick implementation. Our self-service modules allow you to sort, filter, drill- in, and visualize your data in meaningful ways.

Nascate Aware™
Technology in medicine
Electronic Data Transfer

Integrate Nascate insights seamlessly into your existing tools with a secure data transfer. We’ll deliver your reports, member/patient lists and tags to enhance your existing workflow and tools.

Custom Reports

Value-Based Care — Informed by Life


Nascate’s ongoing consultative services include strategy to help you translate data into intelligence and insights, implementation, and continued support. We’ll work with you to develop solutions, advise on best practices, and ensure that you’re positioned to evolve your value-based care models as needed.

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