Solutions Built with Purpose

We’re on a mission to advance value-based care. Our state-of-the-art solutions have been built with a laser-focused resolve to help you to tackle your greatest critical value-based care challenges.

What Challenges Are Providers Facing Today?

Overcome the mission-critical challenges that have arisen over the last few years and improve value-based care to manage cost pressures and improve efficiency through actionable data and insights so you can act quickly.

Provider Challenge #1

Reduce services leakage

Provider Challenge #2

Increase patient retention within your system

Consulting patients
Provider Challenge #3

Maximize the value of your risk-based payer relationships



  • CheckedOperationalize social determinants of health by understanding and identifying the needs of the whole person early to categorize patients, address an individual’s risk factors early and better manage their ongoing care and improve healthy equity
  • CheckedStrengthen provider relationships to improve patient experience and care, lower costs, and improve loyalty and retention within the health system
  • CheckedUnderstand and improve patient/provider relationships and care
  • CheckedPrepare for ACO Reach
  • CheckedPinpoint gaps in quality and care
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Overcome Existing Challenges and Evolve Your Value-Based Care Model

Nascate provides meaningful analytics that augment existing capabilities to overcome current challenges and evolve your value-based care model.

New opportunities in value-based care recognize the primary care provider’s role in managing a person’s health and the overall value-based performance

New challenges come from the increasing need to manage and coordinate the care of individuals, families, and populations across the multiple contracts and incentive structures.

  • CheckedPatient-to-provider relationships
  • CheckedProvider-to-provider relationships
  • CheckedConsumer behavior and decisions drivers that contribute to leakage
  • CheckedUtilization patterns and provider referral patterns that contribute to leakage and churn
  • CheckedA patient’s 360-degree profile, made up of a range of social determinants with data points accrued over time, such as geography, family support, connections, behavior, access to health care, and more
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