About Nascate

About Nascate

Founded in 2016 by a group of accomplished industry veterans, Nascate is a data services and technology company that provides proprietary AI solutions coupled with expert insights to help payers and providers achieve sustainable value-based care.

While Our Ideas Are New, Our Experience Is Not
Why We Founded Nascate

Although value-based care models have advanced by leaps and bounds, we recognized that the industry was still struggling. The continued growth of value and risk has introduced new opportunities and challenges.

But the missing element, in our view, was a quantitative way to measure the relationships and behaviors that impact decisions and outcomes in healthcare.

So, we built it.

Today, Nascate’s team of healthcare experts, data scientists, and applied AI specialists are uniquely laser-focused on understanding the interconnections among consumers, providers, and health plans.

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Our Mission

To drive a new perspective in healthcare centered around the relationships between people and providers, and to help our customers overcome the obstacles that impede sustainable, value-based success.


Our data and insights, combined with ongoing consultative support, enable our clients to create and enrich patient and member profiles, segment populations based on the clinical and social complexities, predict risk, anticipate need, and prioritize target actions.

Overcome Existing Challenges and Evolve Your Value-Based Care Model

Nascate provides meaningful analytics that augment existing capabilities to overcome current challenges and evolve your value-based care model.

New opportunities in value-based care recognize the primary care provider’s role in managing a person’s health and the overall value-based performance

New challenges come from the increasing need to manage and coordinate the care of individuals, families, and populations across the multiple contracts and incentive structures.

  • CheckedPatient-to-provider relationships
  • CheckedProvider-to-provider relationships
  • CheckedConsumer behavior and decisions drivers that contribute to leakage
  • CheckedUtilization patterns and provider referral patterns that contribute to leakage and churn
  • CheckedA patient’s 360-degree profile made up of a range of social determinants with data points accrued over time, such as geography, family support, connections, behavior, access to health care, and more
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