What We Do

Nascate helps healthcare payers and providers put the person first.

We offer a comprehensive, cloud-based platform that leverages:

Social Determinant Drivers

Metrics that Matter

Our Applied Data Science and AI

Person-Centered Understanding

We’ve created metrics that matter by considering the person’s experience, complexity, relationships, trust and context with the healthcare system.

Matching for Action

We leverage Nascate metrics, micro-targeting, and machine learning to make connections between people and providers, and match individuals to appropriate actions.

Measuring for Success

We measure and evaluate actions, provide you immediate feedback, and help you navigate decisions in the difficult move toward value.

Who We Help

For organizations feeling the chaos of the healthcare system, Nascate

can help with the navigation toward better healthcare.

Payers and Health Plans
Accountable Organizations
At-Risk Providers

How It Works

Nascate’s platform, designed with our unique perspective, leverages social

determinant drivers, metrics that matter, and our applied data science.