Solutions Built with Purpose

Solutions Built with Purpose

We’re on a mission to advance value-based care. Our state-of-the-art solutions have been built with a laser-focused resolve to help you to tackle your greatest critical value-based care challenges.

For Community Health Centers

What Challenges Are Community Health Centers Facing Today?

Participating in value-based contracting requires new visibility into risk, people and populations, and performance.

Community Health Centers need purpose-built, cost-effective solutions to leverage multi-source data and develop a better strategy for risk contracting and performance management.


Community Health Center Challenge #1

Payer value-based contracts are misaligned and opaque. Health Centers lack contracting intelligence on what’s reasonable and possible

Community Health Center Challenge #1

Community Health Center Challenge #2

Big data and value-based care expertise is limited and enterprise measurement solutions are too complex

Community Health Center Challenge #2

Community Health Center Challenge #3

Most value-based care analytics and management platforms are too expensive and too complicated for Health Center budgets and staff

Community Health Center Challenge #3
The Solution: Nascate's Value-Based Care Operating System

Nascate’s value-based care operating system delivers a comprehensive approach managing risk and value by removing common barriers and delivering value-based intelligence so that health centers can be more successful in the communities they serve.


Nascate positions Health Centers to:

Benefit from Secure Reimbursement and Funding Models

Nascate’s tools empower Health Centers to implement more beneficial reimbursement models, with contract terms aligned with the unique value Health Centers bring to their communities

Benefit from Secure Reimbursement and Funding Models
Grow, Curate and Optimize Provider Networks

We will show you how to better manage and optimize your networks by improving your understanding of your continuum of care (including downstream services, referral pathways, costs, and more)

Grow, Curate and Optimize Provider Networks
Drive Successful Outcomes in Cost, Quality, and Reach of Care

We will give you access to the insights on performance, relationships, growth and retention opportunities that will continuously improve your care via measurable, cost-based results

Drive Successful Outcomes in Cost, Quality, and Reach of Care

Nascate Solutions Deliver Results You Can Count On, that Increase Over Time

building a foundation for long-term, measurable success

Months 1-2

Low friction insights that includes the best available data from claims, profiles and surveys

Months 3-4

A user-friendly platform for you: built for VBC professionals (you) by VBC innovators (us)

Months 5-6

A noticeably shorter path to value that includes quickly generated segmentation, sorting, and patient lists

Months 7+

Deeper population insights with new data points emerging from key targets

Why Nascate?


We provide on-demand, affordable dashboards for Community Hubs that provide views into high-risk populations, service provider networks, connection opportunities, and intervention performance and impact.


Our team has extensive industry experience and knowledge from all stakeholder perspectives


We have the know-how to manage claims data, social indicators, relationship and connection strength indicators, and overall performance data


We equip you with advanced, big data analytics for common-sense users on a modest budget

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