Alignment & Accountability

Sustainable Value-Based Care starts with Alignment & Accountability-

bringing in the right members that have strong connections with your providers

Improving attribution is an important first step.

How payers assign patients to providers will have an on-going affect on outcomes for the payer, provider, and member.

Nascate’s improved attribution methodology helps you grow intelligently

Better attribution puts your members under the right provider and  impacts the health and outcomes of your network

Smart Growth

Network Management

Nascate Attribution Engine

Nascate has developed improved assignment methodology based on the strength of the relationship between a person and his/her provider.

Methodology is based on strength of relationship, rather than events

High Volume- assigns all members and captures substantial opportunity often lost in current attribution methodologies

Provides stability- a member’s assignment is consistent over time

Target actions: move members away from weak connections and toward stronger relationship to provider