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Social-Complexity Index

Accurately predict members who are high-risk and most in need of support following an inpatient event.

Nascate's Social-Complexity Index (S-CI) scores a member based on their likelihood of having an inpatient readmission(s) and ED visit(s) in the six months following an inpatient event. 

Nascate SCI score is determined by looking at a person’s social complexity and treatment complexity. Members with high SCI scores present risk in both areas.

Target actions: provide additional support following discharge (direct their care, strengthen member’s relationship with provider).

Opportunity in Mitigating Post-Acute Care Risk with S-CI

45K Members

MA Population with Inpatient Events

24% Members (11K)

Scored HIGH on Nascate's S-CI Index

Effective Intervention

That makes person’s cost =

 to average discharged patient


Average savings per high-scoring SCI member


Gap in cost for these poorly connected members, compared to members with strong connection