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Nascate Care Density

For providers that are seen by a given patient, the tighter the relationships between those providers, the better the outcomes.

The provider score is based on the number of shared patients between providers- the tighter the relationship, the higher the score.

Tighter relationships between the providers that a member sees yields a better experience and better care for that member

Nascate delivers a provider list with a low/medium/high Care Density score indicated for each provider

Target actions: steer members toward high-scoring providers and work with low-scoring providers to educate and support improvement in care density

Care Density for Providers


Providers are tightly connected- results in best patient experience and lowest cost/utilization


Some providers are connected to each other, but person is seeing other providers outside of neighborhood


Minimal providers are connected to each other and person is mostly seeing providers outside of neighborhood

Analyzing Utilization Patterns to Understand Provider-to-Provider Relationships

Nascate’s Care Density score enables us to understand which providers are tightly connected based on these patterns

3 similar patients displaying different utilization patterns