Our Delivery Mechanisms

Nascate Aware™ Application

Our secure application is cloud-based, allowing for low-overhead and quick implementation for your workflow integration. Our self-service modules enable you to segment your population, match individuals to appropriate actions, and measure the outcomes for success. These modules include: 

  • Nascate Explorer™
  • Nascate Population Dynamics™
  • Nascate Market Scanner™
  • Nascate Medicare Explorer™
  • Nascate Action Builder™
  • Nascate Action Manager™
  • Nascate Member Profile™

Nascate Data Exchange Service

Nascate consumes client’s data, applies proprietary enrichment processes, and returns enhanced data to the client, along with a data dictionary.

The Nascate Data Exchange Service allows clients to incorporate Nascate content into their own systems, such as the client’s CRM and data warehousing. 

All data is received and delivered via secure channels, and encrypted while at rest and in transit. Notifications are sent to client when data is received and sent.