Person-Provider Relationships

This is a nice UnitedHealth report highlighting the importance of person-provider relationships … At Nascate we have studied the importance of connecting with the right provider and how it is associated with better outcomes, we’ve also found that as the numbers healthcare services a person requires increases so does the benefit of being connected. For Medicare individuals with similar complex chronic conditions Nascate has identified yearly savings of $3000 per person for those connected to a PCP in a Medical Neighborhood versus those with only specialist connections. This is a big opportunity, we have an attribution matching engine to recommend geographically relevant high performing providers.

Check out the report here.

As Vice President of Data Science and Analytics, Marcela Muñoz leads our research efforts to ensure the integrity and value of our data. Her work involves managing the Data Science team, which develops, implements, and updates our data models and metrics. Marcela has over 10 years of experience in data analytics, machine learning, and analytic product development, including knowledge of how to apply these analytical skills to the dynamic healthcare landscape.