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    The world changed, and change needs to be supported. 


    Nascate solutions provide an opportunity for better results.

    Person-centric means understanding
    and addressing social determinant drivers

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    Social needs exist throughout your population, to varying degrees. Identifying the at-risk members that you can impact is complex, but necessary to lower costs and provide better care. 

    Nascate’s Social Determinants of Health Data Exchange looks at the complete person, identifying social risk for each member in a population and bringing that together with clinical risk. This allows us to segment and categorize each member so we can match and connect members to programs and services that optimize outcomes. 

    Nascate’s Data Exchange provides quarterly updates on member attributes including:


    Social Complexity Index

    Social Determinant Flags

    Member-Provider Relationship Information

    Behavior Health Indicator

    Rural/Urban Indicator


    Anticipating an individual’s needs after an inpatient event can inform resource allocation, reduce readmission rates, improve referral decisions, and manifest significant ROI.

    Nascate ’s Post-Acute Trajectories (PATs) is a data service that creates patient profiles informed by both historical behaviors and clinical needs. Nascate segments each member of a population into one of six unique trajectories based on utilization and behaviors that exist prior to, during, and after an inpatient event. Our patient profile informs intervention and helps target post-acute follow-up.

    Nascate Pathfinder

    The Nascate Pathfinder is designed to help stakeholders reach 70%-80% vaccine coverage by hot-spotting areas needing the most attention, resources and outreach.

    Nascate Pathfinder is a secure web-based application that allows users to gain insights into engagement patterns throughout the delivery system in any given geography. With Nascate Pathfinder, people responsible for managing the vaccine supply chain can target and match deployment and adherence intervention efforts by integrating advanced COVID risk-modeling with Nascate’s unique relationship and matching algorithms. Nascate Pathfinder incorporates client claims data to yield results at the person level. The results can be shared with provider EMRs and additional engagement resources for real-time implementation.

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    Nascate Medicare Analyzer

    Nascate Medicare Analyzer helps payers expand their Medicare Advantage market share by providing insights into growth opportunities, competitors, and targeted providers in the area. Payers also have the opportunity to better understand and manage their existing network by analyzing how network changes will impact performance, member utilization and behavior.

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    NASCATE’s unique, proprietary data science incorporates state-of-the-art machine learning.

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