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    Becker’s Hospital Review: A Surprising Way to Improve the Success of Value-Based Care Programs: Quantifying and Leveraging Relationships with Patients

    During a July webinar hosted by Becker’s Hospital Review and sponsored by Nascate — James Lawson, Nascate’s Executive Vice President of business development and marketing, discussed… Read More

    Nascate Client Case Study: Fully Understanding Members to Anticipate Their Needs and Improve Their Overall Experience

    Open White Paper (PDF)

    Patterns of Care Changes and The Effect on Risk Programs Comparing 2019 to 2020

    Covid-19 has brought a significant disruption in health care utilization, which caused 2020 to look very different from previous years. Changes include short and long… Read More

    A Baby Step or A Leap?

    I think my colleague Joe gets the overview right .. “At their core, risk-based models should inspire the flexibility to deliver care in the manner… Read More

    My Thoughts on Building a Better Clinician Value-Based Payment Program in Medicare

    I think the factors and discussion outlined here apply to all payers transitioning from FFS to value. The bottom line is that you can only… Read More

    The COVID-19 Vaccine and Trust

    There is much to unpack here. Trust, Influence and Adherence are tied together. I have rambled on at length about the health care delivery system… Read More

    The Linkage Between Attribution and Beneficiary Care-Seeking Behaviors

    I think this pair of blog entries are worth a read. I also think this entry gets at some important suggestions for transitioning the MSSP… Read More

    Driving Change in the Post-Acute Care Market

    This is a very useful overview of what is driving change in the Post-Acute Care (PAC)  market. I might add that the COVID disruption needs… Read More

    Embracing Capitation

    I agree ,agree, agree with this. If payment incentives drive care – and they do — then this needs to be a cornerstone. But providers… Read More

    Healthcare Spending and Health Burden

    This is interesting but rather dense … so here are my take aways … Healthcare spending is not perfectly associated with health burden, and for… Read More

    Subscription Payments are the Answer

    When you weigh the need to preserve our healthcare providers, and physician access in particular, and you think about FFS and COVID you can only… Read More

    Does Behavioral Health Make a Difference?

    This is a report that echos so many others … but the point is a useful reminder – and clearly knowing and addressing are two… Read More

    Nascate Reframes Provider Performance Questions

    Nascate has begun to address the key questions around network curation, provider options and more. The Nascate Provider Recommendation Engine builds on a proven AI model,… Read More

    The Need for Alternative Payment Models

    The relative success of PCP capitation, and the failure (lack of market uptake) of episode based payment for me points to an opportunity. Nascate has… Read More

    FFS Structure in the Future

    This has always been a poorly implemented distortion within the existing FFS structure. It helped inflate practice values for acquiring hospitals, confused countless patients in terms… Read More

    Our Commitment to Improvement

    Commitment to improving care needs to be matched by ongoing efforts to understand the results of our efforts and continued redeployment of resource investments to… Read More

    Defining Success

    I thought this is a useful quick read. The idea of defining the outcomes being solved for via a framework is a good place to start…. Read More


    This is a very realistic vision for telemedicine. It will be a very useful advance in care delivery … but it is not an attractive… Read More

    Medicare Shared Savings Program and COVID

    I find this an interesting discussion — on the assumed sustainability of the MSSP program and shared savings. For me it misses the BIG POINT… Read More

    Wellness Programs in Employee Populations

    Should this be a surprise? There may be many valid reasons to deploy a wellness program across a broad non-targeted employee population – making employees… Read More

    Innovation Within Healthcare

    The criteria here applies to more than home care … it really boils down to flexibility and innovation – enabled by some form of risk… Read More

    Future of Primary Care

    Is this the future of adult primary care? Does it offer a better member/patient experience? Can the SDOH barriers be addressed? I think the answer… Read More

    Finding the Right Balance

    Remember Little Red Riding Hood -the porridge was too hot, too cold and just right. Well payers and ACOs have been trying to change behavior… Read More

    Quality Within Healthcare

    An important objective that has, unfortunately taken on a life of its own and has outlasted its utility and value. I don’t have the answer…. Read More

    Value Driven Relationships are the Future

    I think this is an important read for both payers and providers … and does a nice job of outlining going forward considerations and challenges…. Read More

    Leaving the Middle Ground Behind

    I think the ACO programs that are based on shared savings are in an untenable position. Shared savings is a middle ground … between “no… Read More

    Adapting with the Modern World

    Adapting with the Modern World The speed of change in how care is delivered is impressive. The reality however should be sobering to all —… Read More

    How COVID-19 is Affecting the World of Healthcare

    Looking for something to listen to while working from home? Check out this podcast that takes a deep dive into how COVID-19 is changing the… Read More

    How COVID is Affecting Payment Methods

    I have a sense that this current crisis may be the push that value and risk needed to push FFS payment methods off their perch… Read More

    Creating the Right Change for People Not Just Patients

    Our team at Nascate has, from the beginning, based our work on a simple idea – People and their behaviors have been under-valued in trying… Read More

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