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The Need For Alternative Payment Models

The relative success of PCP capitation, and the failure (lack of market uptake) of episode based payment for me points to an opportunity. Nascate has developed a powerful Attribution Engine that develops insights into existing member/patient to provider relationships and can be used to support accountability and payment. These relationships insights are based on behavior […]

FFS Structure in the Future

This has always been a poorly implemented distortion within the existing FFS structure. It helped inflate practice values for acquiring hospitals, confused countless patients in terms of co pays … and sown overall disruption on fairness and continuity. Now it appears to be on the cusp of being rolled back for Medicare FFS.What will be […]

Our Commitment to Improvement

Commitment to improving care needs to be matched by ongoing efforts to understand the results of our efforts and continued redeployment of resource investments to scale what works. Nascate is focused on both providing insights, and working with partners to scale what works. Unfortunately improving care delivery – requires ongoing management and portfolio adjustment. This is a […]

Our Ideas

Nascate Personas™

This white paper delves into the science behind our segmentation methodology, and the role personas play into effectively making decisions.

Healthcare Days

This white paper delves into logic behind healthcare days, their importance, and how they can be leveraged in the industry.