Kevin Buchan Jr. Introduces Hearst Health President

Our employees do some pretty incredible things, whether it’s creating a new way to interpret data, or representing Nascate at an event with industry leaders. Our Principal Data Scientist, Kevin Buchan Jr., had the opportunity to introduce Hearst Health's president, Dr. Gregory Dorn, at the University at Albany, SUNY’s Cancer Research Center on September 19.

Kevin had the following to say after the event “Dr. Dorn and his team at Hearst Health are doing some exciting work in the healthcare analytics space. Dr. Dorn emphasized the importance of understanding the longitudinal journey of a patient, which is something that we've worked very hard to do at Nascate. He also described how there is a lot of noise in our industry, and that it is important that data scientists are able to quantify and validate impact before getting too excited.”

Great job Kevin!