Healthcare Days

The complexity of life is impacting how Sam, Bob, and Ted each interact with the healthcare system. Things like family dynamics, geography, the choices a person makes in how they receive care- all give us the full picture of a person and what drives their utilization, or lack thereof. Better healthcare, unlocking value, managing cost and quality- all demand an understanding of how, when, where and why a person is interacting (or not interacting) with the healthcare system.

We’ve developed “Healthcare Days” as a person-centric way of understanding and measuring the true impact of the healthcare system on a person, while also capturing information related to traditional cost and utilization metrics. 

Check out our whitepaper: “Healthcare Days: A Person-Centric Key to Unlocking Value” to learn more.


Chrissie Classen is our Education Lead and Head of Content Creation. She has extensive experience including roles at Treo Solutions/3M HIS, Autotask Corporation, and Datto, Inc. Her incredible work has been incorporated in training programs, sales initiatives, and more.