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Nascate Early Action Risers

Intervene on high-risk and emerging high-risk members before their cost and utilization dramatically increase.

Nascate’s Early Action (EA) Risers model predicts which members are likely to substantially rise in utilization in the near future, and provides information on where to target interventions.

Our proprietary methodology analyzes a member’s encounters over time to capture meaningful trends and changes

We leverage a 360-degree person view to account for social determinant drivers

Nascate provides early insight into why a person is at risk so you can direct outreach and engagement

Target actions: engage members at risk and provide person-centric support and action

The Downstream Effect of Acting Early...

Engaging the person before they’re in the system to mitigate behavior and complexity

Acting early enables you to connect the person to the appropriate provider

The right Person-Provider connection leads to more loyalty and better performance

Opportunity in Early Action Risers

40K Members

In Medicare Population

3,900 Members (About 10%)

Targeted as Early Action

Effective Intervention

Before Utilization Rises

$21M Over a 3-Year Period