Does Value-Based Care Work?

I think "value-based" does work. Let's face it, it has to. The challenges are more around the journey than the destination. The emerging obstacles are around scaling and accelerating the maturing process at a local level. Outstanding issues persist around; attribution, defining the right metrics and value, the influence of SDOH, and the importance of behaviors - for both consumers and providers, in matching them to the right next best action. Details matter and while the hype behind value-based has been long heard I think the realities, the underlying details and the related learnings at scale, have just begun.

Check out this article that addresses some of these obstacles, but supports the movement to value-based care:

-Bill Kelly

William P. Kelly is our Chief Executive Officer. He has extensive executive level experience in healthcare leadership, policy, and strategy and previously founded and served as President and Principal of Treo Solutions, LLC. As a widely recognized leader in payment policy and an expert in healthcare analytics, services, and M&A, William has published articles, edited books, and spoken nationally about the business of healthcare.