Data Liquidity

Data liquidity and access leads to innovation. I ran across this resource and thought -- that could be really powerful if put to use. But as I delved deeper it seems my hopes may need some time to become reality. I would love to learn more from anyone who has made some progress with this data resource. Is it too early? The enabling legislation was passed in 2005. How long do I need to continue to work before I can use this resource? ;-) The current news cycle is all over price transparency -- which to me would have been much easier in a pure FFS (and standardized benefit) environment. As we move to value I see significant issues with simply standardizing the unit of payment, let alone the amount and then fair allocation. The APCD movement has been historically slowed, in terms of consumer relevance, by many issues, these basics foremost among them. But it seems to me that patient safety may be more directly of interest to the consumer than a price that may or may not be relevant when benefits are considered.
If you have a moment, check out this article. I found it intriguing, and think you will too:
-Bill Kelly

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