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Value-Based Success,
Informed by Life

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    Nascate intakes your data, analyzes it, and delivers it to you understood, enhanced, and teeming with insights.

    Through a series of highly integrated end-to-end data services that can be integrated into your existing analytic investment:

    Segment Providers and Individuals

    Generate Timely Predictions

    Match and Recommend Best Action

    Measure and Integrate Feedback

    OUR Perspective

    Nascate Perspective: Informed by Life

    Nascate accounts for the true nature of life by taking a holistic approach to understanding people, relationships, behaviors, and situations.

    The information is complex, the sources are varied, and the data is comprehensive and historical.

    Person-centric means understanding
    and addressing social determinant drivers

    Real People
    Real Metrics
    Value-Driven Solutions

    Data Quality and Integrity Protocol

    Nascate has developed a series of strict and rigorous protocols that ensure data accuracy and reliability. Our end-to-end testing and interrogation process ensures the validity of all internal calculations and reduces rework and reprocessing, while increasing the velocity between initial access and use.

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    Nascate QE Public Report

    This report uses a combination of Medicare fee-for-service healthcare claims data and commercial healthcare claims data which includes traditional Commercial, Medicare Advantage, and managed Medicaid lines of business.

    Geographically, the data includes Iowa, South Dakota, Vermont, and a subset of 30 New York counties.

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    NASCATE’s unique, proprietary data science incorporates state-of-the-art machine learning.

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