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Value-Based Success,
Informed by Life

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    Company History

    Our ideas are new,
    but our experience is not

    An End & A Beginning

    Nascate is a team of healthcare professionals that have experience designing payment systems and developing analytic frameworks that support value based arrangements.

    Despite these efforts, we recognized that the industry was still struggling in the transition to sustainable value-based care.  The missing element in our view was a quantitative way to measure the relationships and behaviors that impact decisions and outcomes in healthcare. 

    The Missing Element

    We found that missing element by focusing on the intersection of patients, providers, and payers that translates into the healthcare experience. Life (geography, access, provider relationships, choice,  personal and family health history) informs a person’s choices, behaviors, and healthcare outcomes, and needs to be accounted for in value-based care efforts. The larger desire was to understand how to quantify and map activity and behavior patterns (of both patients and providers) in such a way that conclusions can be drawn and predictions can be made about the relationships and choices impacting healthcare… “the why.

    Our "Why"

    Nascate brings industry experience and applies data science, machine learning and advanced modeling specifically applied to whole person value based care. Nascate was founded with the mission of driving a new perspective in healthcare around understanding the relationships between people and providers and help our customers overcome the obstacles that impede sustainable, value-based success. 

    The Nascate Name


    verbNasc is the Gaelic word for “binds” or “connects”.


    adjectiveCate translates to “final” or “last”.

    The name "Nascate" perfectly articulates the vision of strengthening relationships to improve outcomes and sustain success in value-based care programs.

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