Data Liquidity

Data liquidity and access leads to innovation. I ran across this resource and thought — that couldbe really powerful if put to use. But as I delved deeper it seems my hopes may need some time tobecome reality. I would love to learn more from anyone who has made some progress with thisdata resource. Is […]

Regression to the Mean

Healthcare organizations need to target resources on those whom would benefit the MOST fromtimely intervention. We optimize the entire process by providing the insight needed to identifypeople early on, and give them viable and local options.Chrissie Classen is our Education Lead and Head of Content Creation. She has extensive experience including roles at Treo Solutions/3M […]

Does Value-Based Care Work?

I think “value-based” does work. Let’s face it, it has to. The challenges are more around the journey than the destination. The emerging obstacles are around scaling and accelerating the maturing process at a local level. Outstanding issues persist around; attribution, defining the right metrics and value, the influence of SDOH, and the importance of […]

Human Capital

I believe Human Capital is the key differentiator in our cloud based and virtualized world. Sosuccess in any endeavor is predicated on recruitment and retention. Both need to be attended to,but if you cannot retain the best you will be spending way too much time on the recruitmenttreadmill. We make a significant investment in internal […]

What is Early Action?

Getting to people early, instead of chasing dollars that have already been incurred, has major advantages for healthcare payers, providers, and most importantly- the person. Nascate EarlyAction means intervening “before”, and micro-targeting action/intervention on a very smallgroup of people, but with substantial results.The power of these results continues to surprise me (I am getting excited). […]