Evolving Is Not Easy

The ideas outlined here … apply to all plans, but the authors emphasis on provider led is well articulated. The lack of strategic clarity; are we in the member business or the patient business? is a significant issue. But I would suggest that this headline/takeaway – Integrated delivery networks (IDNs) can generate more than twice […]

We Solve Problems

I think United “gets it” — whether they are the best solution is another story. Nascate is built upon the premise that value comes from successfully de-fragmenting care. We see substantial performance differences (that can be exploited) based on our measurements of the strength of relationships, Social Determinants, etc… the “people” factors that are under […]

Post-Acute Care Trajectories and Readmissions

Post-acute care (PAC) is one of the fastest growing areas of US healthcare spending. Hospitals must identify ways to decrease PAC spending, but they’re overlooking crucial factors responsible for variation in spend. Nascate looks backward (and beyond the clinical data) to predict needs moving forward.Chrissie Classen is our Education Lead and Head of Content Creation. […]

Best Practices in Value Based Care

There’s no way to avoid transitioning to value-based care, but there are ways to make it easier. At Nascate, we have the tools and expertise to make the transition smoother and more effective. Check out this article on other best practices to enhance value-based care. Chrissie Classen is our Education Lead and Head of Content Creation. […]

The Challenge of Shared Savings

The challenge of shared savings is the need to continually find performance opportunities. Our work with ACOs on Post Acute Care indicates that it can represent such an opportunity. The Nascate data science team has developed predictive tools that can be used to make the most of those opportunities, meet emerging CMS PAC referral requirements […]

A Look at ROI

Check out the ROI on “connecting” consumers to the right primary care providers. Organizations only need 15% engagement to capture millions in savings!Chrissie Classen is our Education Lead and Head of Content Creation. She has extensive experience including roles at Treo Solutions/3M HIS, Autotask Corporation, and Datto, Inc. Her incredible work has been incorporated in […]

The Importance of Attribution

I want to re-emphasize the importance of attribution to all value based and pop health efforts. You can not have “accountability” if no one is accountable – and that for better or worse needs to be based on some agreed to attribution or assignment – by the person, by choice, by utilization (not my favorite) […]

Don’t Fall Behind!

If you are not UnitedHealthcare but want the same capabilities that are being outlined here reach out to our team here at Nascate. We have independently developed capabilities that match what is outlined here. The business rationale is similar but we need independent payers and provider partners to make our insights and capabilities change healthcare! […]

Delivery Systems

I liked this article. But I think there could be more in terms of simply defragmenting the delivery system. Treatment complexity was not identified.  Most integrated delivery systems don’t fully live up to the name — it is a work in progress. At Nascate, we are working hard to provide the insights to achieve these […]

Person-Provider Relationships

This is a nice UnitedHealth report highlighting the importance of person-provider relationships … At Nascate we have studied the importance of connecting with the right provider and how it is associated with better outcomes, we’ve also found that as the numbers healthcare services a person requires increases so does the benefit of being connected. For […]