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    Nascate improves COVID-19 vaccine adherence with Pathfinder

    Operation Warp Speed has effectively accelerated the development of vaccines for the Coronavirus but the ultimate success will be determined by getting the vaccines to the providers and public and the level of adherence achieved next year. This adherence is made more complicated as supply begins to exceed demand, and vaccine hesitancy becomes a more prominent concern.

    The key to vaccine adherence in these complex times is trust. Conventional analytics and attribution are built to serve contract and payment models. The resulting challenge is that existing analytic frameworks don’t accurately capture strong ties between the patient and their trusted provider. As a consequence, attribution developed for payment and reporting often does not reflect the patterns of interaction that influence behavior and achieve desired results. Nascate believes that understanding engagement and relationship strength is critical to applying insights that optimize the vaccination supply chain. Relationships rather than contracts hold the key to successful adherence and compliance to any intervention, and this becomes paramount in the case of COVID Vaccines.

    To address this, we have created an application that leverages our proprietary Social Determinants of Health and equity applications to isolate insights into vaccine geographic gaps, access, hesitancy, culture and line of business (payer). Pathfinder provides the necessary data to support vaccine intervention planning for niche and hard to reach communities so that we are as a society “safe”. With Nascate Pathfinder, people responsible for managing the vaccine supply chain can target and match deployment and adherence intervention efforts by integrating advanced COVID risk-modeling with our unique relationship and matching algorithms. Nascate Pathfinder incorporates client claims data to yield results at the person-level. The results can be shared with provider EMRs and additional engagement resources for real-time implementation.

    The analytics that Pathfinder provides can meaningfully impact COVID-19 vaccine adherence but is likely to continue to provide value beyond this specific vaccination effort. The magnitude of the psychological effects of COVID-19 is vast and understanding how the pandemic has altered the ways in which people think about and interact with the healthcare system will be critical to ongoing healthcare efforts. 

    Contact us at to learn how you can leverage Pathfinder with your data.

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