Information vs. Action

I thought this article was interesting ... not because of the specifics, Mayo may not scale to your organization, but because of the idea of making huge bets. Annie Duke wrote a book that I found to be very useful ... "Thinking-Bets-Making-Smarter-Decisions", that highlights the utility of probabilistic decision making. Too often we focus on the results -- without learning from them, or consideration of the quality of the decision given the full set of circumstances. We also often don't consider the impact of time and the realities of time's influence on the actions of others - both internal and external to the organization. Within the Nascate 4 Step framework we try to articulate the context and identify the key results... but just as importantly we measure those results and feed them back into our continued actions. The bottom line is that if we wait for perfect information - we leave ourselves no time for taking action. If we make early decisions ("Bets") based on the best available information we can hone our actions over time based on feedback and learnings.

-Bill Kelly

William P. Kelly is our Chief Executive Officer. He has extensive executive level experience in healthcare leadership, policy, and strategy and previously founded and served as President and Principal of Treo Solutions, LLC. As a widely recognized leader in payment policy and an expert in healthcare analytics, services, and M&A, William has published articles, edited books, and spoken nationally about the business of healthcare.