The Consumer Based Revolution Hits Home

I suspect that this article represents the tip of a growing iceberg. We at Nascate have begun to appreciate that "the consumer based revolution" in healthcare is fundamentally changing the liquidity of members loyalty and impacting retention across all lines of business. Consumers are voting with their enrollment ... and long held assumptions around retention, "product mix" and care delivery need to be re-considered. Failure to do so will result in wasting resources and diluting results. When looked at over time (rather than in a given year), member churn is impactful for setting priorities and understanding effectiveness. 

-Bill Kelly

William P. Kelly is our Chief Executive Officer. He has extensive executive level experience in healthcare leadership, policy, and strategy and previously founded and served as President and Principal of Treo Solutions, LLC. As a widely recognized leader in payment policy and an expert in healthcare analytics, services, and M&A, William has published articles, edited books, and spoken nationally about the business of healthcare.