Pushing Through a Transition

The low hanging fruit have been harvested. Disillusionment with marginal efforts (and they are marginal) and results is growing. Nascate supports the long road ahead with our metrics, tools and AI insights. If costs and affordability are not addressed Healthcare will be changed from the outside. It may seem like we are rushing through a transition ... and we are! The middle ground is no place for success or real progress in cost, experience or outcomes.

Enhancing provider/patient relationships, growing market share in people and services, increasing care density - individually and in combination, produce large and sustainable results. We have the evidence.

-Bill Kelly

William P. Kelly is our Chief Executive Officer. He has extensive executive level experience in healthcare leadership, policy, and strategy and previously founded and served as President and Principal of Treo Solutions, LLC. As a widely recognized leader in payment policy and an expert in healthcare analytics, services, and M&A, William has published articles, edited books, and spoken nationally about the business of healthcare.