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    Alignment & Accountability

    This solution identifies mismatches between members and providers, particularly among risk-based member populations.

    Using this solution, you will be able to make the changes necessary to match members with the providers best suited for their needs.

    When the correct member is associated with the correct provider, providers can be held accountable for treatment results, and their performance can be fairly measured and managed.

    Nascate's value-based solutions are made possible by advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence and a unique approach to data science.

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    Nascate Data Enrichment

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    What is Included

    Alignment & Accountability

    Nascate Relationship Strength Learn More

    This score measures the concentration of a person’s relationship with his/her main provider. When a member’s care is concentrated and consistent over time with one PCP, outcomes improve.

    Nascate Attribution Engine What is this?

    Better attribution puts your members under the right provider and impacts the health and outcomes of your network, which allows you to grow strategically.

    Applied Data Science Learn More

    This process is key to the Nascate workflow: intaking client data, applying proprietary enrichment processes, and returning enhanced data to the client via secure channels.

    Opportunity Analysis Learn More

    With each client, Nascate embarks on a discussion of goals and strategic initiatives. The client receives a report that uncovers opportunities and focal areas, backed by supporting data and value-based solutions.

    Support Services Learn More

    Nascate provides expert guidance to clients to ensure a smooth transition to using Nascate's value-based care framework.

    Nascate Aware™ Application Learn More

    Our secure application and self-service modules enable you to segment your population, match individuals to appropriate actions, and measure the outcomes for success.

    Nascate Aware™ Data Exchange Learn More

    This service allows clients to incorporate Nascate content into their own systems efficiently and safely. All data is received and delivered via secure channels, and encrypted while at rest and in transit.

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